Manitou Incline Tracker

Track your hikes on the Manitou Incline and mine StepBit coins

Track your Incline hikes

Mine StepBit Coin while hiking

Work on your ranking

Pay with StepBit coins

Unlock trophy Merch

iOS and Android

Hike & Rank

Manitou Incline

Mine StepBit

Hike and earn

Unlock Trophy Merch

Based on your own perf

Download the app

Available on iOS and Android

How it works

Download the Incline Tracker App from the Playstore or the Appstore and create an account.

You can start hiking right away by scanning the QR code located at the bottom of the Manitou Incline or you can start with connecting your crypto wallet to mine (earn) StepBit coins while hiking.

When you get to the top of the Manitou Incline scan the QR code located right at the top to end your hike tracking. You number of Incline hikes will be updated and your time will be saved.

You can compare your performances with all other Incline hikers.

You will earn StepBit Coins every time you complete a Manitou Incline hike.

Depending on how many times you hiked the Incline, you’ll be able to unlock new trophy merch such as the “1 Incline T-shirt”, the “100 Incline Badge” or the “500 Incline Hoodie”. You can pay your order with your credit card or with your StepBit coins.


Behind The App

Chirstel Aime

Chirstel Aime


Colorado Springs entrepreneur, 500 club, 1,000 Inclines in 2021

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